Fall 2013 EDP 640 Instructional Design (MA/DOC course) 100% online. This course,  my 22nd delivery, will change how you think about teaching and planning courses, workshops, units, and any instructional intervention. also how you think about students. Prepare to work and get your money’s worth. Fall 2013 Syllabus

Fall 2013 IDT 693F Design and Development Research (DOC course) ONLINE-NEW. This new course is about the systematic developmental research process (design - implementation - evaluation/revision). You'll learn how this process has been used in the IDT field and also develop your own proposal. 6 doctoral students enrolled. Fall 2013 Syllabus


Spring 2014 EDP 740 Principles of instruction (MA/DOC course). 2011 and 2012 featured Project-Based-Learning UNITS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Spring 2013 course will be directed towards Doctoral Students and will look at applying teaching models to adult learners in both F2F and online educational settings using Joyce and Weil's Models of Teaching text and framework. Syllabus.

Spring 2014 IDT 640 Visual literacy (MA/DOC course) 100% online course. This course was taught spring 2012. MAJOR ACTIVITIES included: develop a Word Press blog, infographics, PPTs/Prezi's, develop a TED TALK. IDT640-Syllabus-Spring2012-WWW.pdf  Link to 2012 Course Blog: Going Visual


IDT 693X Digital Media Production [planning now]

IDT 693X Readings in IDT

IDT 693X Research in IDT

IDT 693X Design of Online Programs

IDT 693X Training Systems

IDT 693X Consulting & Project Management

IDT 693X Advanced Instructional Design

IDT 693X Teaching Online in Public School

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