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EDP 640 Instructional Design, 1994-1998 (Virginia Tech); 1999-2012 (WVU): 100% online 2010: eCampus modules for each ID phase. Each phase/module consists of scenario prompting questions, module pages (narrated), quick thinks, and design activity. Supplementary instructional materials include authored textbook (Shambaugh & Magliaro, 1997) and produced video clips.

Podcast Series

EDP 640 Instructional Design (fall 2012) 7 modules in Blackboard

IDT 693 Teaching with Visuals sample video (spring 2013): 5 videos

EDP740 Principles of Instruction (spring 2013): 5 Teaching Model Videos, 5 Wimba Chats


IDT 640 Visual Literacy. Online revision for Spring 2014

IDT 693 Design and Development Research. Online delivery Fall 2013


Mastering the Possibilities, 1997: Instructional design text for graduate students developed from (3) versions used and taught Summer 1994 through Fall 1997. V1: Worrier’s Guide to ID, V2: A Tour Guide to ID; V3: Mastering the Possibilities. Published by Allyn and Bacon. Includes instructor’s guide, presentation materials.

Instructional Design: A Structured Approach to Reflective Practice, 2005: Instructional design text for teacher education, pilot-tested Fall 2004. Published by Allyn and Bacon. Includes instructor’s guide.

Putting Ourselves Through College: Pragmatic Essays for Gaining Tenure, 2009. Published on Now being republished on BookTango, eBook publisher from Author Solution.

(in progress). Getting to the Real Work: Post-Tenure Strategies for Professional and Personal Life. Outlined. 

Educational Stories - Elementary

The Literacy Lurd: It’s Quite the Burd: multiple literacies. Published, 

Walter’s World:  self-centeredness. Published on

Wilson the Worrier: distant friends. Published on

Educational Stories - Middle Published on under the title of Four Stories.

The Sleeping Girl: friendship

Unearthly Light: unique talent

The Book of Smiles: friendship

Off with Her Head: personal identity

Professional Development – Reflective Documents Combined under Academic Time.

Teaching Time: Fall 2007

Leadership Time: Fall 2008

Sabbatical Time: Fall 2009

Online Time: Fall 2010

Moving Teacher Education Into The Schools: 2011

Learning Together Online: 2011

Advising and Mentoring Time: 2012

What Does It Mean to Be a Full Professor? 2012-2013

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