Each fall for the past few years i have kept a photo-text journal reflecting on a particular topic. i choose a different theme for each FALL. Each is profusely illustrated mixing text with images I take throughout the fall semester. These PDF files are large, so be careful if you hit the print button. These documents were written for me. I write (and visualize) to think. 

2007 Teaching Time

2008 Leadership Time

2009 Sabbatical Time

2010 Moving Teacher Education to the Schools

2010 Teaching and Living Online

2011 Advising Time

2011 Learning Together Online

2011 Producer - My Metaphor for Academic Work (this file is a short visual/text list of my work in 2010-2011)

2012-2013 What Does It Mean to Be a Full Professor? August 2012 - April 2013


Me with Lara Pitrolo, an IDT master's student, who also graduated with a BA from my wife's Interior Design program. Lara works for MicroCad, a training and consulting company in Boston. We met Lara in Boston July 2012; also December 2012 in Morgantown.

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