Professor, Instructional Design and Technology, West Virginia University

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15 years at West Virginia University, having arrived in 1999. I’m the program coordinator of the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) masters and doctoral programs. The MA program has been 100% online since 2010. I plan on retiring in 6.5 years. 

I've taught 15 courses. Here are the current courses that I teach: EDP 600 Educational Psychology, EDP 640 Instructional Design, EDP 740 Principles of Instruction, IDT 640 Visual Literacy, IDT 693 Teaching with Visuals, IDT 693 Design and Development Research.


Previous occupations: Radio station announcer, engineer, sales, production, play-by-play sports, owner; Training program development; Video producer; Mowed lawns and golf courses and took care of baseball fields (great job).

Other interests: Progressive rock music, reading, writing children’s stories (5) and short novels (3), visual guidebooks, photography, image processing, Western art and sculpture, Travel, home landscaping. 

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