Professor, Instructional Design and Technology, West Virginia University

My professional goals are to (1) relax and (2) make WVU a good place to work. Everything flows out of these. 

15 years at West Virginia University, having arrived in 1999. I’m the program coordinator of the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) masters and doctoral programs. The MA program has been 100% online since 2010. I plan on retiring in 6.5 years. 

I've taught 15 courses. Here are the current courses that I teach: EDP 600 Educational Psychology, EDP 640 Instructional Design, EDP 740 Principles of Instruction, IDT 640 Visual Literacy, IDT 693 Teaching with Visuals, IDT 693 Design and Development Research.


Previous occupations: Radio station announcer, engineer, sales, production, play-by-play sports, owner; Training program development; Video producer; Mowed lawns and golf courses and took care of baseball fields (great job).

Other interests: Progressive rock music, reading, writing children’s stories (5) and short novels (3), visual guidebooks, photography, image processing, Western art and sculpture, Travel, home landscaping. 

© neal shambaugh 2013
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