Why is this section important for this site? For me, I write to think and music has been a critical influence in my writing/thinking activity. Having been a radio announcer from 1969-1983 I tend to avoid listening to pop music and generally what people listen to. I've always been a progressive rock enthusiast. My major groups have been The Moody Blues (70s-80s), Rush (90s-present), Porcupine Tree (2010+). What I'm listening to in the Summer 2012. Progressive rock artists provide me with challenging themes, orchestration. 

Shrine of New Generation Slaves. Riverside. 5th CD from Polish progressive rock band. A new direction but still pleasing to my ears. From Amazon: 

To call Shrine Of The New Generation Slaves a departure from the band's established sound may be a little bit of an overstatement, but its certainly no repeat of anything they've done before either. Don't get me wrong, the band are still playing creative, interesting and thoughtful progressive music that is accessible but with a bit of depth, and that owes as much to the 1970s as it does to both the 80s and modern Prog and Prog Metal bands like they always do, but the mood of the record is very different.

Weather Systems by Anathema. Formerly a death-metal band, the group has slowly evolved into more atmospheric progressive work. Followup to We're Here Because We're Here and follows a similar feel and structure to songs and overall work. Very satisfying: rhythm changes, harmonies, hard edges, original.

Storm Corrosion by Steven Wilson & Mikael Akerfeldt. Leaders of Porcupine and Opeth, respectively. Well-regarded in the prog world. Hard to describe and classify - viscerally primitive? Doesn't sound close to their main groups. Another original work - challenging - requires some dedicated listening. 

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