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CURRENT Vita: Vita-February 2013

Dissertation link: Reflexive Teaching Model, 1999, Virginia Tech


1995-Cognitive Potentials of Visuals - Journal of Visual Literacy

1999-Teaching of Instructional Design - AECT Conference Proceedings

2000-What Does It Mean to Be X-Literate - Reading Online

2000-ProgramOfHumanInquiry - J. of Innovative Higher Education

2001-Reflexive Teaching Model - Educational Technology Research & Development

2004-Student Developed Scenarios - Tech Trends (AECT publication)

2005-Scenario Based IDModel - IGI Encyclopedia of Distance Learning

2005-Teacher ID Models - Learning from Research on Teaching: Perspective, Methodology, and Representation Advances in Research on Teaching, Volume 11, 101–134

2006-Personal Resource Systems Management (PRSM) Coordinates for Learner-Centered Technology Development - Educational Technology 

2006-Promoting Knowledge Transfer with Electronic Note Taking - Teaching of Psychology

2006-Student Models of Instructional Design - Educational Technology Research & Development

2007-Advocacy as a PBL Strategy - International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

2007-Using Developmental Research to Evaluate Blended Teaching in Higher Education - Global Issues in Higher Education, Chapter 1

2007-Ethical Dilemmas of Teacher Research as a Research Agenda - The Ethical Educator, Chapter 14

2007-PersonalPortals - Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications

2008-Focusing The Study: Framing A Researchable Question, Chapter 3. Teachers Taking Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Teacher Research, International Reading Association.

2008-Future Design: Impossible Problem Solving by Novices - Design Principles & Practices

2008-Personalized Decisions Support Systems

2008-Scenario-Based Instructional Design - Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, 2nd ed.

2008-Scenario Development as a Teaching Strategy in Two Different Design Fields - Design Principles & Practices

2008-Simultaneous Renewal in Research - Principles to Consider in Research on Partnership Schools - School-University Partnerships (NAPDS Journal)

2009-Using Activity Theory to Guide eLearning Initiatives. Cases on Successful E-Learning Practices in the Developed and Developing World: Methods for the Global Information Economy

2009-Using Activity Theory to Guide eLearning Initiatives. AECT Conference Proceedings

2009-Translating Design Thinking for Scientists - Psychology of Thinking

2010-Toward Developing a Meta-View of Design Thinking - Interior Design Educators' Council

2010-Starting a Dialogue on Design Thinking - International Visual Literacy Association Proceedings

2011-Contemporary Uses of Design Thinking Across Society, Work, and The Individual. International Design Principles and Practices

2011-Learning from Public Schools: Recommendations From 10 Years as a University Liaison. Ch 13 PDS Yearbook

2011-Understanding Your Data - Chapter 2. Action Resarch for Teacher Candidates

2011-Framing an Action Research Stud - Chapter 3. Making Classroom Inquiry Work

2011-The Research Intensive PDS: How to Sustain Inquiry Across PDS Faculty, Pre-Service Teachers, and University Faculty. PDS Partners (NAPDS)

2012-Visual Identity Systems for Course (in press - IVLA Conference Proceedings)

2012-Use of Frame Reflection & Metadesign to Promote Curriculum Development. Design Education

2012-Benedum Collaborative - Features for Simultaneous Renewal - Invited paper to School-University Partnerships

2012-Case Study-Technology Integration and Research Plan for PDS. Book Chapter.

2013-Documenting A Personal Thinking Language. for International Design Principles and Practices journal, to be posted here. Submited April 2013.

2013-Flipping the College Algebra Classroom. Lori Ogden, principal author. Book chapter. (april 2013)

2013-Literate Practices in Technology Use. Book chapter. (april 2013)

2013-Using Visual Guidebooks in College Courses. Journal of Visual Literacy. (May 2013).

LINKS to Books

1997 Mastering the possibilities: A Process Approach to Instructional Design. Written for graduate instructional design courses, published by Allyn & Bacon

2001 Instructional Design: A Systematic Approach to Reflective PracticeWritten for teacher education programs, published by Allyn & Bacon

2009 Putting Ourselves Through College: Tenure Success Strategies for FacultyWritten for new tenure-track faculty, self-published on

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