1. Research Intensive PDS Year 3: This is a professional development activity in public schools and where research to study the activitiy is involved. Years 1 and 2 involved 4 Marion County schools in implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL) units. Results written up for Year 1 in the 2011 PDS Partner Paper in "Papers". Year 3 involves Rivesville ES and the use of Reasoning Mind, a commercial online math tutorial package, to help 3rd and 4th graders develop math understanding and achievement on the Westest. This project will run the entire 2012-2013 school year. SUMMER INSTITUTE 2013 - prepare for year 4

2. Teachers' Use of Data in Teaching: A grant proposal submitted to the Spencer Foundation June 2012. One year. $133,500. (visual of methodology -right). Not funded. Plan B = Teachers use of data for math intervention. Not funded. Revision for 2013? Preliminary Proposal to be submitted June 2013

3. IDT Program (MA and Doctoral: these projects are never-ending)

  • Faculty search completed April 2013
  • Program Recruitement Plan. Extended Learning Communications Plan. Student Progress Policy updated Spring 2013.
  • IDT-MA student enrollment - April 30 deadline
  • IDT doctoral enrollment, February 2013 = 23. 
  • Producing video promos for my courses. 

4. Full Professor projects (my last 7 years)

  • Apply to Fulbright Scholar Program (2013)
  • Schedule sabbatical as Plan B
  • Editor of History of Benedum Collaborative (with Sarah Steel, WVU Press)

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