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INSANE Compilation

ID Works - Collected Materials on Teaching Instructional Design 1992-2012 (Contents only, PDF file) This project is about 4000 pages. Not all sections are completed. An internal project. 

"I propose to approach it [previously published research] in a different way: to describe the miscellany of curiosities and interests that led to that research and to reflect on its broader implications. An awareness of these double shadows cast by any piece of reported research can enrich the process of research and clarify the way in which differences of theoretical orientation and personal experience inform it." p. 93 from Bateson, M. C. (2004). Willing to learn: Passages of personal discovery. Hanover, NH: Steerforth Press.

Articles and Book Chapters

Beacham & Shambaugh, 2013. Documenting A Personal Thinking Language. International Design Journal.

Shambaugh & Beacham, 2013. Using Visual Guidebooks in College Courses. Journal of Visual Literacy.


INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONFERENCE March 2014: not yet submitted.

AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION July 2013. Flipping the College Algebra Classroom, with Lori Ogden, doctoral candidate.

Book Projects

Shambaugh, N. (Summer 2011). Getting to the real work: Post-tenure strategies. Volume II from my series Surviving and Thriving in Academia. Outlined and started but needing motivation to complete.

Shambaugh, N. (Fall 2011). Future design: Strategies and tools for designing our future. Book treatment and sample chapters to be submitted to MIT Press.

Shambaugh, N. (in progress forever). Doing time: Surviving and Thriving in Jail. Currently reading accounts of people who have somehow done productive work while in jail. I’ve always been interested in how people do their work, no matter what their history or setting. 

Shambaugh, N. (in progress) 1910: research on Morgantown, US, World events and interesting people in this year, the year our house was built. Might start off as a visual DVD. This is a personal project so it crosses professional and personal projects.

Shambaugh, N. (Editor). History of the Benedum Collaborative. 2 meetings with Sarah about this. Next steps is meeting head of the Benedum Foundation in Pittsburgh for participation and some funding for Sarah. Goal is to have work tasked out by next summer.  

Internal Research - White Papers

Who are the students? Summary of work done characterizing today’s student, very different from us. We need to know are audience if we are to make a difference.

Design thinking metaview. My wife and I both work in Design Studies, a level of thinking above our respective programs of Interior Design and Instructional Design. You may have noticed design thinking coming out of the business fields. In fact, many fields push this term around. So we’re trying to develop a metaview of design thinking, developing categories that cover all design fields. We’ve been doing this first through our own literature review, but a yearly series of focus groups at conferences. See above papers and articles published on the Papers link.

Metaphoric blends of student models. There’s something here, but I’ve had difficulty answering the question, “what good is it?”

Metaphoric Problem Solving by Intelligent Novices. I have always believed that "intelligent novices" have the capability of solving some problems over experts. 

Thursday: Strategies for Taking Responsibility for Your Life. I will post a short video on what "Thursday" means in a new menu: Media Files. A draft version used in Spring 2012 Visual Literacy course. 

Conundrums of Growing Online Academic Programs. This project is a way of staying current on the changing landscape that is now online academia. 


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